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      Lent and Easter Schedule

      Adoration, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 8:00 am to noon through Lent
      April 11, Stations of the Cross 7 pm
      April 17, Holy Thursday Mass 7 pm
      April 18, Stations of the Cross 3 pm
      April 18, Passion of the Lord 7 pm
      April 19, Easter Vigil 8 pm
      April 20, Masses 9:15 & 11:00 am

      Lilies for our Easter Celebration

      Help decorate our sanctuary with plants on Easter.  Click here to see how you can make a donation for flowers in memory, or in honor of someone.

      PRISM Food Drive

      The 2014 Minnesota FoodShare Campaign for PRISM is extended.  Please drop your donations at the church entrances or on the shelves in the hallway behind the cry room.

      • April 10, 2014 | by Deacon Tim Harrer
        We enter into HOLY WEEK, let us be humble and increase our Faith.... My words will never adequately describe the deep meaning of Holy Week, nor how much God loves you whether you have a deep or vague appreciation or understanding of that Divine reality. Jesus became man to show us the constant and unending love of God and to teach and preach as a means to guide us to eternal life in heaven. He gave signs and performed supernatural miracles so that all might see that He is the Son of God. He offered His life for all, so that forgiveness of sin and salvation might be achieved. It is an ACT of Holy Love for you and for me. During all of Holy Week, we are invited to make a good decision to reschedule time conflicts, to humble our selves, and to enter into quiet ... anticipating that God has something to offer you, something to say to you. We receive a Holy invitation to attend all the beautiful and meaningful Masses and liturgies. Some might say: " Give me a why?" I offer this..... The eternal power of God can not be understood nor grasped although recent science is on the right track. That we are given a free will is a great gift from God but allows for sin. It is the entirety of sin over all time that Jesus came to forgive and reconcile. Never should we turn away from God, nor walk away from God's caring and love. Rather, we need to be humble and turn towards God, to walk towards God. To learn to walk with God. It is a much better life. It becomes a happier life. It becomes a life with less chaos. Please accept this Holy invitation and come not only today but Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the silence of all Saturday, the Vigil Mass of Easter, and the Mass of Easter Sunday celebrating the Resurrection - from death to life of Jesus. Without that reality and the promise of our own Resurrection, held in our Faith, all is useless. We pray that every one will make the Holy decision to come and gain from the prayerful experiences. Our story continues ....... God blesses us ....... Deacon Timothy.